16 Ounces Stainless-Steel Travel mug Easy and Cool!


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Anti-Spill Lid

BPA Free!

Safe for use in the office,as it reduces the chances of wetting your documents, furniture, etc.

Suitable for use in the car. Avoid spills on upholstery.

Prevents spills on your computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone and other electrical appliances.

Avoid accidental spills.

Easy and Cool 

Double stainless steel shield. Double Isolation.

Shock resistant. The stainless steel shields provide greater durability and resistance

to shock and or falls.

Prevents external condensation, keeping the outer wall of the tumbler dry.

Reduces the need for cup mats.

Does not wet your hand even if the beverage is cold.

Longer temperature retention, hot beverage will stay hot up to 7 hours, and cold beverage will

stay cold up to 15 hours.

No documents, furniture or electronic devices wet from condensation.


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Product Reviews   

0 #8 blanca 2014-04-09 15:49
where can i buy them in mexico city and the cost?
best regards
0 #7 blanca 2014-04-09 15:48
adnde se pueden conseguir en la ciudad de mexico y su costo por favor
0 #6 jose 2014-02-21 19:02
¿Donde puedo comprar estos vasos en España?

Si no tienen venta en España, ¿Pueden darme las condiciones para su comercialización?


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